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Highlight of New Post/Comments

Martyn Houghton

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Hi Martyn,

There are a couple of existing visual indicators for new posts and comments.

If you are already in a Workspace or looking at your news feed, you will see an banner that shows a new post or comment has been added while you are looking at the News Feed / Workspace





If you navigate to a Workspace that has a number of new posts or comments, each new post or comment will have a vertical blue bar displayed on the left hand sided .  This bar will be removed when you navigate away from the workspace.



The order of the workspace can also play an important role.  My preference is to use Most Recently Updated.  

Hope this helps.


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@James Ainsworth

As far as I am aware the 'New Comment' button only appears if you are in the workspace already and some make a new comment and we use the 'Most Recently Updated' option for workspaces and timelines.

The issue is more where where is a high volume of comments on a single post. You will only get the Blue indicator on the parent post and the last two comments.

When in fact in this example there are 2 other unread comments on the same post. Clicking on More will clear the blue indicators so you will not know how far back to go up the comments to check your seen them all.

Could the default be to display the last 2 comments or in more then 2 new comments expand to show all new comments?



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