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Roles for live chat in portal


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I'm trying to get live chat set up for this weekend.  I want any of our basic users to be able to chat with our IT staff (full users).

While testing this seems to work - i have assigned my own account the portal chat session user role and i can see the chat popup and speak to analysts.

I have now added the portal chat session user role to the Service account under home>system>manage portals>portal accounts but my basic users cannot see the chat popup or link.

Do i need to do anything else?


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Hi @JBasey

You can add this role to all your Basic Users in the Admin tool by going to

Home > Applications > Hornbill Live Chat > Roles

Clicking on the Portal Chat Session User role and then clicking on the Assigned Users tab

click on the Add All Users button (as shown in the screenshot) and a popup will appear, you can set the User Type to Basic and then click save, this should apply the role to all you basic users


Hope this helps


Trevor Harris

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Hi James,

as Trevor says, for live chat to be available to your basic users, each basic user must have the "Portal Chat Session User" role assigned to them. The method he describes will allow you to quickly add this to all your existing basic users now. Longer term, you may wish to consider including this role in any user import involved in managing your basic user accounts.


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