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Fully automated updates across Hornbill comes into effect on the 31st March (UPDATE: Enabled on July 14th)

Paul Davis
Message added by Victor,

Automatic updates for all apps have been enabled on 14/07/2020

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One element of our vision for Hornbill has been the elimination of the dreaded software upgrade that is typically both expensive and time consuming for customers. Being a solution operating in, and built for, the cloud, enabled us to adopt an agile development process that supports continuous delivery. Essentially, this means that Hornbill takes on new updates both regularly and seamlessly in the background and crucially, without you having to lift a finger. Up until this point, we have only been able to deliver on this vision for some elements of the solution, such as the Hornbill Platform itself and administrators still needed to press the update button for each of the applications.

I am pleased to announce that starting at the end of the month we will be extending this across the whole Hornbill offering by providing automatic updates for the whole portfolio of Hornbill applications too. This means no more worrying about getting up to the latest application version and missing out on new features and functionality, and no more scheduling and attending CABs to approve that change each time an update appears. This, in turn, allows us to move towards smaller and more frequent updates; which both reduces risk and ensures customers get to see the value of each new feature as soon as possible.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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We recently communicated directly by email to all our customers to provide an update on this topic. I will take the opportunity to follow-up here for those who may have not seen this or other forum users who are not our registered contacts. 

Although responses to this capability have been universally positive, we also received feedback that expressed concern about such a significant change being implemented at this very difficult moment in time. Upon review and taking your feedback into consideration, we have taken the decision to delay this rollout until the end of June.

We appreciate that this may be disappointing to those who were looking forward to this change and unfortunately, we are not in a position to selectively enable this functionality on a customer-by-customer basis. Rest assured though, we are ready to go as soon as collectively we get through this immediate crisis.

All of us at Team Hornbill would like to take the opportunity to express our deep gratitude to all of our customers both on the front-line of the fight with COVID-19 and those supporting key workers and the general public.

We would like to reassure you that we are here to help where we are able and so please do get in touch with us at customer.success@hornbill.com if you think we can be of assistance.

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Back in April we took the step of postponing the introduction of automated updates for Hornbill applications because of the impact and uncertainty caused by COVID-19. This past three months has been extraordinarily difficult for everyone and whilst there are no doubt still challenging times ahead, we believe that it is now appropriate to revisit this and have set a new date of July 12th for it to come into effect.

By way of a reminder, this change means that all new updates across the whole Hornbill service (and not just those of the Hornbill Platform and Administrative tool, as today) will take place seamlessly in the background. This also means that there will be no need to schedule and attend a CAB every time an update appears and no more concerns about missing out on new features and functionality whilst still on older versions of an application. Put simply, there is nothing for you to do.

We would like to thank you for your patience in respect to this delay and take the opportunity once again to thank all of our customers who have played, and continue to play, an important role in helping the country and general public get through these unprecedented times. 


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