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New Update: Hornbill Service Manager (1880)

David Hall

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What's Changed

  • Assets: the property 'Location Type' has been enhanced with a new value (Virtual).
  • CC recipients will now be displayed in Request timeline updates and will also be available as an additional output parameter from the BPM node Get Request Info -> Source Email.

What's Fixed

  • Various fixes for the Employee Portal.
  • Employee Portal: Unable to raise a Change Request as a basic user. {PM00161539}
  • Requests list counters show a value of zero when using the "I'm a member" filter. {PM00161837}
  • Asset Additional Properties fields not being audited. {PM00161589}
  • SLM Rule processing fails when using multiple "contains" conditions against custom fields.{PM00161664}
  • Intermittent issue when 'Last Updated Date' is not updated when posting to the Timeline.{PM00161553}
  • Enhance the Quick Request Search feature to work with just the right most numbers of a reference.{PM00158414}
  • No option displayed to unlink a corporate SLA from within a service.{PM00161695}
  • Request category tab can not be configured to be active when a request is on hold.{PM00161727}
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