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LDAP Import - Stopped Creating New Users

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Hi guys, 

For some reason our LDAP import setup has stopped creating new user accounts. No changes have been made to our setup that we are aware of. Existing users attributes are updating normally without issue - does anyone have any ideas!? This started happening around the 1st March.

Thanks in advanced!

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Hi @Steve Giller

Thanks for replying on this. 

There is nothing in the logs from what we can see (attached with API key removed). The configuration hasn't been touched within Hornbill and nothing has changed with the user account that runs this. We have updated the LDAP Import Tool as our first try at resolving this but with no luck. What is odd is that existing accounts are being updated without issue it just wont import any new ones. 




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@Jack_Podmore The timestamps on that log are from 2018 - I'm not sure they're the ones we need!

Having said that, if the config hasn't changed that much the line 'Loading Configuration Data: ldapupdateexistingusers' suggests that you may have separate 'update' and 'create' configs. Checking this would be my suggested first step.

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