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I have 3 colleagues with the issue that when they log their time. The data entered is stored on the next day. Also in the report I see the time being logged. It seems when opening the timesheet screen the default day is set to tomorrow and not today.


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Hello @AlexTumber We're on build 152 and I'm still seeing issues. This must be related to the time difference. 5:00pm PST = 12:00am GMT. When I log time after 5:00pm it appears on the timesheet correctly in the Day View. In the week view it's appearing as the following day. See below examplesimage.thumb.png.b0a0c105d9564d74e5328b4bc3637aad.png

All areas highlighted in green are correct. Areas highlighted in red are not


When editing the timesheet value it's correct 


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@Hannah Stella apologies for the late reply. 

Our team has been testing and we believe we have found the problem. The latest build of timesheet manager is currently going through our build process and should be available by the start of next week.


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