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Urgent - Office 365


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Our IT are going to be update our system this weekend to 365 I will need to speak to someone from Hornbill so that they can amend their system for emailing from office 365

Is there any possible way this can be picked up ASAP to ensure we don't have any downtime over the weekend?


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Hi @stuartmclennan

The documentation for setting up email can be found on the wiki.
I would expect that some of this will already be in place and will just need updating to the office 365 settings.
The sections to look at would be Outbound Mail Routing and Shared Mailboxes.

If you have any specific queries (about the Hornbill side of the setup) please post back here and someone will be able to answer them.

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Be aware of the messages rate limit set in office 365. we've changed out Hornbill outbound email a couple of weeks ago to use office 365 and, after a few days we had to rollback the outbound email settings because a lot of messages were being rejected by office 365. At the moment we have out messaging team discussing this with Microsoft and we are still using our previous configuration as a workaround.

Check here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/office365/servicedescriptions/exchange-online-service-description/exchange-online-limits





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@Deen only inbound, we use our own Helpdesk email address, once this his our GSA email address this should then be automatically forwarded into the shared mailbox however this isn't happening which it previously was.

Our IT guy believes there needs to be some authorization or approval from the Hornbill side to allow this to be forwarded on?

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@stuartmclennan you will need to make changes to the Hornbill shared mailbox settings.  However this is not something that we would normally do for you as you have full access to the Admin view.  The previously linked documentation will take you through any changes you need to make.  You might want to pass this on to your email administrators so that they have make the required changes in Hornbill to point the mailbox at the new 365 setup.

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