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Problem Management - Query to get linked requests as a string

Martyn Houghton

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Can we request an enhancement for a BPM operation to be able to return a list of linked requests, with the optional ability to filter by request type, as a comma separated string.

In our instances we are wanting to attain a list of linked incidents to pass via iBridge to our development system in JIRA.

It would also be useful to be able to do the same to get the list of organisations for said linked requests.



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HI @Mary. Can you help with a further development of this idea please? I can see how the report suggested above enables a mapping between the Incident and the Problem.

What we seek is a report that shows each team their list of TASKS against PROBLEMS but also showing their derivation in terms of Linked INCIDENTS of Priority Major. This is because what people remember is the Major Incident summary and number not the resulting Problem record summary and number. What I'm after is:

Problem ID | Problem Summary | Linked (Major) Incident IDs | Linked (Major) Incident Summary | Task ID | Task Summmary | Task Title | Task Assignment

Can this be configured? When I attempt to add the tasks and Relationships tables to the queries I get this error which I don't understand.



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Guest Mary

Hi @Berto2002

The report you require should include the requests, relationship entities, tasks tables. 

You will notice that the request table has been referenced twice - this allows us to obtain incident specific and the linked problem details from the request tables. These are differentiated using Table aliases (e.g. problemrequests)

In the attached example, the incident summary and priority are obtained from table called requests and the problem summary is obtained from problemrequests. 

I hope this helps. 



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