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User unable to open attachments

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All,

One of our Users is having issues trying to open attachments in Hornbill. When she clicks on the attachment she is getting the below error displayed - any ideas at all please? She is setup the same as other Users, and is using Edge, but I have not seen this error on any other Users accounts as yet,

Thanks !


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@Adrian Simpkins

I could be wrong, but initially to me this looks like there is no suitable (associated) app installed on that individual user's machine for whatever file type that is trying to be opened from the request, e.g. no associated app to open a .txt file etc.  This looks like a local client issue rather than an issue with Hornbill based on the error you have posted.

Kind Regards,


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Hi David

Just checked again, and its very strange - some requests open fine with no issues, but a couple throw up this error? I sat with the User and witnessed it working aok, as well as one request showing the error - so I am unsure why one opens, and another gives this error?

Many thanks

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@Adrian Simpkins Is this happening on a particular file type? The error message is just what it says on the tin - there is no app associated to the file it's trying to open.
This can be that the app really isn't installed, or that the association has been lost/corrupted (this can happen when an app is installed and "steals" the association but doesn't release it when it's uninstalled) or that Edge is not properly downloading the file or deleting the temp file before it's been opened.
There are some other causes, but they're basically all issues with the local machine, so there's not really anything that Hornbill can do more than advise.

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