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New ITOM Package - Nagios XI

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We've just released a new package to the ITOM Package Library: Nagios XI

The package contains the following operations that can be performed against your Nagios XI environment:

  • Acknowledgements
    • Acknowledge Host Problem
    • Acknowledge Service Problem
    • Remove Host Acknowledgement
    • Remove Service Acknowledgement
  • Checks
    • Disable Host Checks
    • Disable Host Service Checks
    • Disable Service Checks
    • Enable Host Chesks
    • Enable Host Service Checks
    • Enable Service Checks
    • Process Service Check Results
  • Comments
    • Add Host Comment
    • Add Service Comment
  • Notifications
    • Disable Notifications
    • Disable Host Notifications
    • Disable Host Service Notifications
    • Disable Service Notifications
    • Enable Notifications
    • Enable Host Notifications
    • Enable Host Service Notifications
    • Enable Service Notifications
  • Schedules
    • Schedule and Propagate Host Downtime
    • Schedule and Propagate Triggered Host Downtime
    • Schedule Forced Host Check
    • Schedule Forced Host Service Checks
    • Schedule Forced Service Check
    • Schedule HostGroup Hosts Downtime
    • Schedule HostGroup Services Downtime
    • Schedule Host Check
    • Schedule Host Downtime
    • Schedule Host Services Checks
    • Schedule Host Services Downtime
    • Schedule ServiceGroup Hosts Downtime
    • Schedule ServiceGroup Services Downtime
    • Schedule Service Check
    • Schedule Service Downtime
  • Status
    • Get Host Status
    • Get Service Status

The package is available to install from the Package Library now!

If you have any questions, or suggestions of additional operations for this package, then please let us know here!



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