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Outbound Mail Routing Smart Host Detail - testing errors

Alberto M

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This is not an issue from Hornbill, but I believe it should be interesting to report here, so someone that will face this situation will be aware of this.

Today we changed our Outbound Mail Routing Smart Host Detail configuration as we moved from our internal relay server to the Microsoft Office 365 solution on this. After we've changed the information on the Smart Host Details and before saving it, we've made a test with the "Test Button" and we got errors. Then, after checking the error log message, we decided to save the Smart Host Details settings anyway and test sending an email from within an existing request and it worked.
We realized that our email host is set to filter any email messages sent from outside our corporate domain for security reasons and, as this test sender address is do-not-reply@live.hornbill.com, we were getting errors.
I believe it would be nice to have an option to allow the test button to choose a sender address, or have a warning about this.



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