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Uploading and deleting attachments

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander

I'm trying to add attachments to a project from an email.

I drag the attachment from the email to the Project:




Then I drag the NEXT attachment to the Project, but it adds the FIRST attachment again, plus the latest attachment once:



If I add ANOTHER one, it adds the one more copy of the first attachment, and one more of the second one:




I can obviously press the 'remove' button to stop these uploading. However, if I don't see that I'm about to upload more than one copy then I can' delete the attachments which have already been added as the Remove button doesn't seem to work all the time (it works intermittently!)




Any ideas please?



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22 hours ago, AlexTumber said:

@Paul Alexander thanks for your post. It looks like there is a bug where the data is not being cleared each time. I will ask our development team to investigate.


@AlexTumber  we have also that problem with attachments. If you can remember our email conversation i told you the same problem.

Hi @AlexTumber any News with the attachment ?





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