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New to using iBridge

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I'm relatively new to Hornbill and want to start using buttons in the analyst portal so that when the analyst clicks the button it invokes an iBridge to raise a new Hornbill incident for a specific catalog item. Is there any webinars or tutorials to help? I believe I need to set up a new Key in the KeySafe section but not sure how/what to do.




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@Adnan Zamurred There is a wiki page which explains the expected inputs for the Hornbill Keysafe



Once you have this, you will have something to put in the credentials field (the keysafe title) for the custom button, and fill in the other input params using either known values or variables 

On the input params for the new Incident, you will need to consider the following

* Catalog Item needs the numerical ID Value not the display name

* Service needs the numerical ID value, not the display name

You can get these from your existing self service portal - navigate to the catalog item you want to use, in the URL bar you will see two numbers (the format may vary) but the first number is your service ID and the second your Catalog ID, which you can then use in your input fields


* Customer Type needs to be a value, for example 1 = Co-Worker

* Co-Worker needs to be the customers ID not display name 

Last point to check, is that the user who's account you are using for this Action - i.e the user who you created the API key against has the following right in their assigned roles:

Under Service Manager and Application Rights, Entity Control Rights - Can Search Entity 






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