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Unable to add connections during self service ticket creation process flow

James Gallally

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I must be missing something obvious.I am trying to create a new incident progressive capture for users to fill out. At this point it is very basic, and I am trying to give the users the option of selecting connections. I have added a new Form and set it to Connections as per  the comment from James in this post here.


Regardless of the the "Is Mandatory" field being False or True, when I run through and use associated service portfolio it runs through and does not show a screen for the user to enter in any connections.



Any idea's?




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Hi @Martyn Houghton,

Yes, the users would be logging the request through the portal.

I can create a custom form entry to catch the connected users and have the technician manually update the ticket afterwards. I thought that the way it looked I could use it to get end users to enter this information themselves at source.



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