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Quick FIlter on Request Lists

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All,

I wanted to see does the Quick Filter search command box only search the following column values in a request please? One of my Users is trying to filter here against the Site column, but from reading the guidance I am unsure if only these values can be searched as the comments state: 'Fields to compare include:' so I am reading this both ways, the list could be all available fields, or there may be more fields it searches.

Many thanks !

Quick Filter

The quick filter is used to refine your list to only show requests that contain the typed text. The fields in the requests which the quick filter used to compare include

  • Reference
  • Summary
  • Details
  • Owner
  • Customer
  • External Reference


An additional keyboard short-cut (CTRL+SHIFT+F) will present a popup search box for directly accessing a particular request. The full request ID must be entered. This can be accessed from anywhere in Hornbill..
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Hi @Adrian Simpkins

Thanks for the post.  I've just checked which fields are supported and I have made a clarification on the wiki page.  The fields listed (which now additionally includes "Priority") are the only fields which are searched as part of the quick filter searching, sites is not currently available to the quick search.

Kind Regards,


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