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BPM failed: No matching gotoIf found


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Within one our our release tickets we have go an error stating "No matching gotoIf found" when looking it looked like the user may of pressed the wrong raise button and skipped the PC asking for the release type. The user re-did it and selected the release type but this still did not get pulled through. Nothing has changed within the BPM and other release tickets have been raised without any issues. I have added the release type from within the form in the ticket and re-tried last step but this will not work as it wont pull the info back through. Any help would be great thanks.

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@Bob Dickinson Thanks for the information. Can you explain or have any ideas why the "planned/emergency" selection did not get picked up with selected within the progressive capture, nothing different had been done to the bpm or pc to cause this issue especially as 2 other tickets raised at the same time did not have the issue. Thanks. 

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Hi @PeterL

I wouldn't be able to properly diagnose without some screenshots or the affected request, one which worked and the progressive capture. 

But a couple of ideas of why this might possibly have occured:

  • An incorrect mapping in the Progressive Capture
  • The decisions that this is being based on do not match the option that was selected?

The first thing to do is to add the "No Match" option to your decision (as per the article). This will at the very least prevent the red error message. 
From that point, we would need to look more closely at the decision criteria if it's still not following the decision path that you would have expected. 

Kind Regards


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