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Updating email templates - variables showing


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I'm just updating my email templates which I havent done since 2016, now when I have started to test them they are showing the variables in the email as well as the summary description, has comething changed?


A new Incident has been assigned to Service Desk, please ensure someone from the team takes ownership. 

Call details:

Buffet for external course




Customer Details

{{Customer Contact.H_firstname}} {{Customer Contact.H_lastname}}

Andrew Eames

{{Customer Contact.H_email_1}}


{{Customer Contact.H_tel_1}}


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a) possibly there are/were ESP conditions in there that now are no longer formatted correctly causing issues...possibly... will know more when looking at the template. I'll come back to you on this.

b) I'm not sure if your colleague/customer would be too pleased to know his name is now on a publicly accessible space? :)



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In the templates there were variables for both coworkers and contacts, so depending on which the customer was the other variables were empty, and displayed as placeholders.

Once ESP Conditions are applied the unpopulated variables are hidden and the templates work as expected.

If the content of the original templates were copied into the new ones it may be that the text was copied over, but not the conditions behind them, or it may just be that the variables simply didn't have conditions applied.

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