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Widget visibility based on primary company

Dan Munns

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I know that the logo/branding etc on the landing page can change for a user based on the home company set in their user account.

Is there any way of filtering the visible widgets using this as well? If not, can there be?

Same for service domain pages as well?

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@Daniel Dekel yes please. 

I am hoping to show some widgets based on membership to the group and others based on membership to the separate group entities.

So the home company will be 1,2 or 3 and they will also all be a member of the group so it should be able to show based on (Hornbill) group membership and home company (if that makes sense) 

So if a user has a home company of 2 it will show all widgets that should show under that filter AND the company 'group plc' filtered widgets.

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@Dan Munns, the problem with your solution is that the widgets list will be too long because you will have in the same list different widgets for different companies. It will be quite difficult to maintain.

Probably a better solution will be a complete different page per company.

We had discussed about that idea in the past but is quite complex so we've decided to come back to it in a later stage of the development of the Employee Portal.


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@Daniel Dekel I am assuming by a different page per company you mean a different visibility per company, like you can do with users and basic users? 

I think this will be the biggest blocker for us to use the employee portal as our company landing page as the different businesses within the group need to have only relevant news articles etc displayed to them.

Looking forward to seeing the employee portal mature :) 

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