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New Update: Hornbill Service Manager (1857)

Guest Ehsan

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  • As part of refactoring for API hardening, a new role 'Hornbill Service Manager Integrations' was introduced in August 2019. This is a gentle reminder that this role must be applied to any Hornbill user account used to enable the Hornbill Clean Utility, Request Data Migration Tools or any other integrations from third party applications you may have. This does not affect existing LDAP and Azure imports.

What's Changed

  • "Assessment Score" is now available as an option in the Variable Picker when 'Requests > Suspend > Wait for Impact Assessment' Hornbill Automation is used in a Business Process.
  • Updated the version of Font Awesome icons used across the application.

What's Fixed

  • When an Asset is updated, attributes that were not updated are added to the audit history. {PM00157667}
  • Some characters (E.g. quotes) are incorrectly shown when added to a Request summary. {PM00158874}
  • Some characters (E.g. ampersand  and brackets) are incorrectly shown in Requests list and Request details title. {PM00158945}
  • Unable to open your organisation's Request through search results in Customer Portal. {PM00159209}
  • Request's customer is not set to the Request creator when raising a Problem. {PM00159550}
  • Timeline entry for parent Request resolution is missing from linked Requests. {PM00161132}
  • When resolving linked Requests, the de-select option in the pop-up is ignored. {PM00161174}
  • Images in an FAQ are not visible to a basic user within Self Service. {PM00161296}
  • Some controls (E.g. Today) in a View within Requests list do not correctly handle date attributes (E.g. Resolve On). {PM00161314}
  • Performance improvements when loading "Escalation" tab in Request details, Request popover in Requests list and "Apply Email to Request" pop-up. {PM00161330, PM00161344, PM00161345}
  • Changing a contact's organisation is not reflected in the Service's subscription. {PM00161335}
  • Intermittent error with timeline creation when "Requests > Update Request > Status" Hornbill Automation is used. {PM00161401}
  • Addressed issues around Widgets and Services section that were reported in the new Employee Portal. {PM00161527}
  • Display issue when long text do not wrap around in Questions section. {PM00161561}
  • "Change Type" Progressive Capture form is skipped despite turning on the mandatory setting.
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