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Questionnaire- Report on responses

Adnan Zamurred

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Hi there, 

I've built a questionnaire form consisting of 55 questions which staff members will complete annually. Is there a way to report on what responses are given to each question e.g. I want to see how many employees answered yes to a specific question. As there are 55 questions, there's not enough custom fields I can use, is there any other way? I've labelled the field ID to each question in the procap as the question number e.g q44



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Hi @Adnan Zamurred

It is possible to report directly on answers to Progressive Capture questions without needing to map them all to custom fields. The answers are all stored in the table h_itsm_questions and this contains information such as the Form ID and Question ID as you have referenced above. If you were looking at Date Criteria as well, you would need to perform a join with the main request table (h_itsm_requests). 

If you need further assistance, we would need some more specific details about the type of report you were looking to run (e.g. what would you expect the output to look like,  specific criteria you are measuring, if there is any grouping, date range etc)

This is an example of the type of date stored in h_itsm_questions:



Hope this helps,

Kind Regards


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