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Viewing Subscribers to a Catalog Item


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Currently we have particular contacts that are subscribed to certain Catalog Items
These contacts are known as Service Requestors and can view certain SR Catalog Items, whereas other contacts within the same organisation won't be able to view these SR CIs unless they are added as Service Requestors

For example, we have a SR CI for requesting changes to a website. This can only be requested via certain individuals within an organisation (please note we primarily work with external organisations)

The issue we're having is that we can't easily identify who these Service Requestors are after they have been added onto the system

Is there a role (or can there be) that is read-only and allows users to view the SR CI's subscriber visibility?


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Hi @ArmandoDM

the icon is clickable and I can see the subscribers to this particular CI, but the issue is that we need a read only role for other users who want to see this

We don't want them to have the full access that I have, but we do want them to be able to click on this icon and see who is subscribed to this CI

Kind regards,


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