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How to serach Translations text

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All

I am looking to update the 2 buttons displayed on the Customer portal when a request is resolved, and I know these fields sit in the Hornbill Service Manager / Translations but I am struggling to search this field to find the relevant line to update - is there a Wild Card value I can enter to search all possible matches? I have tried a few values (% *) but no luck. Is there perhaps anything documented around the different prefixes contained within the Translation page which may help searching the values at all?

I think I have raised this before but for the life of me I can not find the result of that previous posting !

Many thanks !

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If you have access to database direct you can use the following query. Just change the parameters (upper case text). It will return application and key. Language code can be skipped if needed.

SELECT * FROM h_sys_app_strings where h_value like '%CHANGEME%' and h_lang = 'LANGUAGE CODE'

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Guest Paul Alexander

I think I have another way of finding the translation though, and that's this:


  • Right click the item you want to find the translation for, and then click Inspect
  • In the Elements pane, look up the translation location in the json part of the code. 




Type that line in to the Translations search bar in Admin, et viola (or is it violin?!) 



I haven't figured out a way to copy that text though, which would be easier!! But either way this seems to work for me....


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