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Custom Roles for Users

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All,

I want to grant permissions to Incident Users and Service Request Users to be able to reopen a resolved request, and to be able to fully edit the details tab in a request. I have looked over the 2 different levels of access, and think I can see what I need to update. However, I can also see the warning message that these are System Roles and can not be updated, so I wanted to know if I create a duplicate of a System Role, and grant this new role instead, would this affect the Users access at all in anyway? Or should I look to just reinforce how the roles should be used in that only Users with the higher level of access should be reopening a resolved or closed request, and updating the details tab? Anyone else come across this situation? If so how do you handle it?

Many thanks !

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Bump for this please :) I need to understand what role gives a User the ability to change the Site, as I have turned on the setting to allow any Site to be set in the Site field in details, and I can change this with no issues, but our normal level Analysts are still not able to change this field, and it is required to be able to filter our requests correctly

Many thanks!

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