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Anyway to interact direct into Hornbill to raise a request via interfacing?

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All

Currently we have some email routing rules setup to raise various requests direct into Hornbill. However, we have come across an issue with one of these scenarios as follows:

Customers are using a system where they can select a 'Report a Problem' button to raise requests to our team relating to data issues within the software. The issue is that the system they report from sends the email outside of our network to the 3rd party vendor, then it gets sent back into us. Because of this our Sophos system is encrypting these emails as potential security risks which means the request comes back in with a password protected attachment which the Analysts then have to open and enter a password, then copy the text back into the system.  This of course is time consuming for the Analysts (normally Hornbill would just pull the data out of the email and insert this into the Description field so negates the need to actually view the email, but as these emails are coming in encrypted this is not possible).

So our development team are asking if there is anyway they can interface into Hornbill direct from the originating system to create these requests without having to send email out to the Vendor / back into us? They have asked that if this is possible, what format would this be in ? JSON, XML ?

Apologies if this is incorrect in anyway, Dev is not my area :)

Many thanks !

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