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lee mcdermott

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Is there anyway an email notification can be sent when a new chat is initiated?

if chat is very busy it may not be such a problem, but for quiet times it will require someone to be sitting watching the screen constantly for a chat session being initiated which is not a good use of time or resources

I know you can set a notification but that is not always very obvious and still requires someone to be watching the screen.


p.s. I know this is not in the CHAT section, but I raised it there along with another persons same comments, but never seem to get any response from raised topics in the Chat section.



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Hi @lee mcdermott,

Sorry, missed your update on the livechat forum.  Unfortunately its not possible to send an email notification when a new chat is initiated.  One option we could add which would make it easier to see when a new chat is started is to add a desktop notification which will appear on your screen even if you are browsing a different tab or looking at another application and have your browser minimized or in the background, this would mean you wouldn't need to be focused on Hornbill but would still be aware when an new chat has been requested.  This is something I hope will be introduced to livechat in the near future


Trevor H

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Hi @Prem Prakash gautam

If you see the first notification but not subsequent ones it could be that the previous notification has not been cleared from windows notification center (if you are using Windows 10).  

You can see this if you click on the speech bubble in the bottom right hand corner of the screen and can still see that notification in the list which is brought up, clicking on the notification will dismiss it and then windows will not block the next notification that comes in.

We will look at how we can improve this area so that new notifications aren't blocked if an undismissed notification is in the notification center



Trevor H

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