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Encrypted Email Solution


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This will apply to all NHS and public service customers, we have an issue whereby prior to the Hornbill SaaS solution now means the email solution is not on prem and therefore leaves our organisation. Any sensitive information contained within the body of that email is quarantined by our mail appliance but means emails are then encrypted into a PDF file and then have to be manually opened and then processed by our 1st line team instead of leveraging the routing rules. 

This has created an overhead for that team and naturally looking to put API based or self-serve options in place to remove these email initiated requests but that has an associated time and cost of doing so. Does anyone else have this challenge and are there any encrypted point to point email offerings to overcome this challenge? In our case an internal SMTP address is forwarding all of our email traffic to the Hornbill mailboxes. 

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This seems to be impossed by the NHS and therefore they may be best to offer advice. However, rather than forward mail onto hornbill (Guess you are forwarding it to your live.hornbill.com address from your mail server) why not use IMAP (overTLS or SSL) and download the mail direct from nhs.net. (We have other NHS customers who do this).

Kind Regards

Keith Stevenson 

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