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Captures auto-saving


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Hi @Alisha

There is a Collaboration Application setting where you can disable this. 
In the Admin tool, if you navigate to Applications > Hornbill Collaboration > Application Settings

Search for the following Setting: admin.feature.workflow.autosaveinterval

And set it to 0 - that will disable auto-save



Kind Regards



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Thanks all - I wondered about that and what it was doing.  Will be turning it off as soon as possible. 

Have spent a lot of the last couple of days on a PC and BPM that both kept saving when I didn't necessarily want them to, and also had the blank tickets coming through. 


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@Jeremy and all

Thanks for highlighting this. I have checked internally and the Auto Save was not intended for Progressive Capture until we have introduced versioning (much like is available for Business Process). We will be removing this for Progressive Capture shortly as part of an automatic Collaboration release. 

As you specified, do be careful right now when opening Progresive Capture right now to ensure to keep it active - and as a few of you have done already, to be on the safe side it may be worth extending the auto save period or turning it off altogether (see my previous post) until this update had been deployed. 

Sorry for the conufsion here

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