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Connection and automated email issue

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All

So my connection saga's continue :) I have now updated all our BPMS where a connection is made where we are sending out emails to the connected customer. All of these are setup to use the Raw data value pulled in from the Progressive Capture questions correctly (previously I was just inserting the h_custom field value which I understand would not work correctly, and I need to be using the Raw value from the PC question data). I have also updated all the BPMS to pull in the PC questions prior to connecting / sending emails and mapped to the Raw data value for the connected user captured in the PC questions.

However, I have gone through and tested all 19 BPMs that have this setup, and have found that only 2 of these are functioning as expected. The rest are all making the connection, however the connection shows as blank on the Connected line (Image below) and the Timeline update is showing something like  * Adrian SimpkinsAdrian Simpkins - Basildon (image 2 below). Any emails appear to be overlooked and the BPM just moves onto the next step?

Anyone else seeing the same and any ideas why only a couple work and the rest fail even though all setup the same in the BPMs?

Thanks as always







Annotation 2020-02-18 193154.png

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@Adrian Simpkins looks very similar to the issue where an email template will not populate email template variables ... this because some actions execute somehow faster than others which in the connection context you have is that you will miss things like name, emails, etc... basically what you experience now...

There are some fixes in place going out in the next ESP platform update, is it possible to wait with this configuration until then and after have a look and see where we are with this?

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Hi Victor

Thanks for the update, do you know when this new update will go out to us please? reason I ask is that this automated connection / email is crucial to a number of our processes - I have advised the Teams to check these particular requests closely to see if the email sent or didn't send, then to action manually. At this time though we are very constrained on staffing levels so this manual checking is impacting the Teams

Many thanks !

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Hi Victor

Just to confirm I did a few tests over the weekend, and I am still seeing a variety of issues with Connections / Automated emails to connected Customer:

- One of the BPM's works exactly as expected - however another BPM with exactly the same config fails?

- still seeing connections showing as *ASimpkinsAdrian Simpkins - Basildon and *AsimpkinsAsimpkinAdrian Simpkins - Basildon

- Some connections added correctly, some showing as Blank, and some fail completely all within the same Service / BPM?

- still failing to send emails because of incorrect connection (some requests fail at the connection stage, others add the connection as a Blank connection and ignore the email and move to next step with no failure?)

- still seeing the script ignore the logic when a customer states I am the Manager - BPM is ignoring this, and attempts to send an email (not happening on all requests?)

I will raise this hopefully tomorrow as I wanted a full suite of tests on the BPM's where this is setup, so hopefully I can test all scenarios and send full data

Many thanks

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