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Explanation in simple terms?

lee mcdermott

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I watched the webinar last week and for the first 40 minutes just thought it was an additional feature and nearly left early as I thought it is probably not something we will do, until one comment about replacing the service portal was mentioned. I then realised maybe I do actually need to know about this?

I have since read a little more and will need to re-watch the webinar. Unfortunately I don't think it has been made very clear or the right information sent out to let people know if the service portal is to be replaced and what that means for both users(employees) and the system admins of Hornbill.

Can you explain what is happening timeline wise in regard removal of the service portal? What if anything I need to be doing now or in the future?

Do I have to setup different service domains? At the moment all agents use Live.hornbill..... to log\manage calls etc, all users go to service.hornbill.... to log calls. How does that actually change? Will everyone go to Live.hornbill... ?

And if so does that mean I have to create at least 2 service domains, i.e IT to allow agents to function as normal (as they are now) and another one for all employees to log their calls(as they do now through service.hornbill..)?




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@lee mcdermott apologises if this was not as clear as it could have been in last week's webinar.   

There will be an official communication sent to all customers, so please do look out for this, in regards to transitioning from existing portals to the employee portal.  

We have a follow up webinar on the 4th March which will go into much more detail on configuration etc, so feel free to register for this (even if you can't attend, we will record and share afterwards).

To answer some of your questions. 

  • The Employee Portal will supersede the Service Portal and the My Services in the summer of 2020 (exact dates will follow)
  • For now, nothing will change with the existing portals
  • You can enable the employee portal and run this alongside both the Service Portal and My Services
  • The Employee Portal is located inside live.hornbill.com<customerinstance> - so end users (basic etc etc) will access the employee portal from here not service.hornbill.com/<customerinstance>
  • At the point you transition and move to the employee portal, the default landing page for end users (basic users) will be the employee portal home page inside live.hornbill.com
  • At the point you transition Hornbill will provide the URL redirects, so if an end user clicks on a link to take them to a request in the service portal etc it will auto re-direct them to the same view in the employee portal.  
  • Agents etc will continue to use live.hornbill.com as they do now
  • There is no need to set up anything to separate users on live.hornbill.com
    • Agents will see what their roles and rights entitle them too today.
    • End users will see the employee portal pages 
  • Service Domains are are way of presenting your services to your end users, so this it's presentation is limited to the employee portal pages, and does not impact how your agent community works today or going forward.  

I hope this answers some of your initial questions. 

Please do look out for the official communication which will be sent to all customers, and if possible join us on the 4th March for the follow up Employee Portal webinar





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HI All,

@Steven Boardman

I totally agree with Lee in his initial mail regarding the lack of info provided to this migration, I've only found out due to the mail sent just now from marketing.

After Steven's reponse, I am still confused. Do we have to do anything in the build up to this, as in will our current service portal be migrated over automatically or?

I see Steven says the current service manager for agents etc will stay the same, which is good, so again, do we as a company need to prepare any changes for future proofing or will this all be migrated on the switch over day etc?


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@John C No final migration date has been set, it is intended for the Summer of 2020 and more communication to this effect and considerations will be sent to all customers.

The marketing communication was primarily to advertise the upcoming customer webinar on implementing and designing of the new employee portal.  

The official communications will clarify your points,  and the upcoming webinar will provide guidance on enabling and configuring your new employee portal.  

The short answer is, you can and some customers are already starting to make the move from the Service or My Services to the employee portal.

Customers will be required to enable and make some basic configurations in advance of using the employee portal - these are separate settings, so will not impact the existing service portal settings / configurations. 

Hornbill will be providing the URL redirects (in the coming weeks), and customers will have the ability to enable these between now and the summer of 2020 should they wish to make the switch sooner.   

The official communications will go into more detail, and the initial webinar and in particular the second webinar on the 4th March will go into more detail on the specifics of this.  The session will be recorded and shared with customers who are unable to attend.  


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