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Hide 'My Requests' in Self Service Portal


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I have seen a few posts regarding the 'My Requests' section on the Self Service portal, but is it possible to hide that option?

We have created a generic user and will use it as an Out of Hours service for users who wish to raise a call.  The users will be able to log calls on behalf of themselves, via the generic account therefore we don't want everyone being able to view other users calls.

Many Thanks

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Hi Ann-Marie,

Thanks for your post.  The 'My Requests' section is a key component of a user's account when viewing Self Service.  I'm afraid that there isn't a way to turn this of for a particular user.  

Maybe let us know what challenge you are trying to overcome by having users raise requests under a single account during out of hours .  We may find there is a different approach available.



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Hi @James Ainsworth

Thanks for getting back to me.  I've just mentioned this in my meeting with Daniel Riley who confirmed that if we change the customer to the user who raised the request, the ticket will then appear in their 'My Requests' list, rather than the generic list.

You may consider my request resolved.

Many Thanks all.

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