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Formatting text in text widget

Dan Munns

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I have noticed that when pasting text into the text widget and then making edits in wiki markup the font sizes are not consistent. 

Could be have a few options around font/sizes like in the email editor? 

When adding bullet points for example the text within the bulletpoints and everything after seems to be at least 2 points larger than the preceeding text. 




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Ok, I got this working now. 

If you write a load of text, then save it, then go back and add the markup it doesnt work maybe 50% of the time. 

Sometimes it shows the markup code, other times it just doesnt save at all. 

Ctrl+F5 after publishing and before making any changes seems to stop this happening.

Vivaldi browser ver 2.10.1745.23 & Chrome browser ver 80.0.3987.122

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