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Request list colours

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All

Was working on the request list view tonight, and just all of a sudden all of the New and unaccepted requests across all teams are all showing as Light Yellow, which I thought was for requests which have been updated by anyone but the owner of the request, and the owner has not yet read the update. I have checked the settings for request list and it is still showing Light Yellow in the setting below, any ideas?


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@Adrian Simpkins i have asked the team to check this, but your assumption is correct - the color indicator should show if the request has been updated but not read by the owner - you should see this even if you are not the owner, but are you saying that previously the new / unowned requests where not color coded but now they are?  

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Hi Steven

Yes all New and unassigned requests are showing as Yellow, just flicked through the entire Incoming list and appears to be all requests showing Yellow. Happening in IE and Edge.

I was not sure if a request starts of this colour and I never noticed previously - now we have all 3 sites onboard we are getting a lot more New requests so it might just be more obvious when I look at the whole list. Is there a setting perhaps for the colour of New / Unassigned requests and it happens to be set the same ? (I couldn't find one). The description for items coloured light yellow reads on the Wiki as 'Requests which have been updated by anyone but the owner of the request, and the owner has not yet read the update', but these items do not yet have an owner as such. Does the system class assignment to the team as an Owner being in place along?

Maybe its just the description :) It is not a major issue as such, just be good to understand as I am sure one of my Users will ask me the question as some point!

Many thanks

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Hi Adrian, 

 thanks for your post. 

This is expected behaviour as there are indeed posts that haven't been read by the owner (in this case the owner is "No Owner"). Once an owner is assigned, and has reads the posts, the request will be considered read and so the light yellow colour will disappear. The unread colour can be change in the following Service Manager setting: webapp.view.ITSM.serviceDesk.requests.list.unreadColour

I hope that helps,

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