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Auto email PDF of the request


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Is it possible, either within a business process or from the request directly to email a copy of the whole call in PDF to an external email address.

For example, if we have an BP that assigns certain requests to one of our third parties, would it be possible to also auto email the whole request to them in PDF format.

I know you can do this manually by using the print option on a request, but can it be automated?

At the moment we are having to put the answers to questions from a PC into a custom field and then create an email template with the custom fields, which is extremely messy and time consuming.

It would be good it this also gave you the option like you get when printing on what sections you wanted to send.

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Hi Steph,

Interesting idea.  We don't have the option for that at the moment.  Have you thought about any integrations?  If this third party happens to use a cloud based service desk tool, you may be able to automatically create a new request in their system and bypass the need for emails, templates, pdfs. You would need an iBridge subscription to do this.   If you have a number of third parties that you work with, you may also want to have a look a Hornbill Supplier Manager.

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