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Customers being able to view requests


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I know that I have already asked this question as part of the Webinar for the new Employee Portal but I just wanted to formalise a question to see how other feel.

We are about to add a significant amount of Services to our system and most of these do not need to appear on the portal but we will be raising requests against these for our customers, however with the current model you will only be able to see/interact these requests in the portal if that Service is visible on the portal.

Can we ask for an enhancement to allow customers to view all their requests in the portal regardless of the visibility of the Service, maybe via a setting on the admin side that allows this to be overridden for those customers that don't want this to be an option?

Currently we expose all services on the portal and then we have to add a · before the Services that we want to appear at the top of the Services list, the downside of this is when logging requests it puts these Services at the bottom of the list rather than an alphabetical list leading to confusion.

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I much prefer jeremy's suggestion of a global setting to mean ALL requests where they are the customer are shown to them on the portal.

However, would an interim measure (when the new employee portal is usable) be to have a category per service domain that was for self serve. Then filter for that in a widget?

i.e. never show ALL services.

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