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Unable to select Service Domain on widget

Dan Munns

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Hi all, 

Having a mess around with the new employee portal and have found that I cant select a service domain for the 'Average Rating' widget (free text field rather than a drop down like the rest). So even if I select Filter By Service Domain, it just shows the same stats. 

If I type into the field then it shows nothing at all.



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@Dan Munns this should work :)  

Here i have the widget with no Filter by Service Domain - 7 Ratings average is 3.1


If i apply a filter - IT - 2.5 average from 4 ratings


and if i change this too - HR - 3 RATING from 1 Feedback



Now, that said i can see an issue with these changes being properly saved :(  if you click Save and then publish and then go back into the designer, check that the values have been cleared / changed - they seem to stick once when cleared - i'll feed this back but if you persist, it will save your change (on the second attempt) and the data changes accordingly 

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@Steven Boardman

No joy I'm afraid. Save, publish, go back, reopen, save & publish again...

Makes no odds and it stays blank.


Seems to publish and save the details first time for me though.

Also, is there a translation for 'Company home' when on any page other than the main page? I want to change the text but cant find a translation for it.

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@Steven Boardman yep done that for IT and Finance services.

And I know there is feedback over the last 30 days for the IT services because I left some myself for the service desk a few days ago.

Strangely, if I dont set a timeframe, I can set the domain as IT and it shows some data. Or I can leave it unlinked and set a timeframe and I get some data. If I link it to a domain and set a time frame I get nothing.

Also once I link it to a domain, i cant unlink it and have to delete the widget and start again.

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Hi @Dan Munns,

Regarding your OCD :-O  , there is an issue when the pixel is calculated wrongly by the browser when zooming in or out.  We'll look at that.

The Company Home translation string is coming at the moment from two separate places. We'll fix this but for now I'll tell you what is used where.

The title of the Home Page as well as any other page is configured in the page details as shown in the screenshot.


However (and that has to change) when you are in a different page, the option to go to the home page is not showing that same string but instead is taken from the translation string defined in the admin tool.


I think that's the confusion. The last string should be the same one defined in the page details.

Hope it makes sense.


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