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I've been having a play around with the Employee mobile app this morning and have found a couple of issues:

Header image is cropped from the bottom when displaying via mcatalog.hornbill.com, it displays okay when using live.hornbill.com

Text also overlays the image on mcatalog and is difficult to read (not sure which settings to use to adjust the font colour for the service domains)







I've had a play around with some of the settings for the Employee portal but haven't been able to resolve this yet.




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Hi @Will J Douglas,

We are improving the mobile app and it will soon have a solution to these issues. We've changed quite a lot of the style in the mobile app. We understood that because there is such little space in the mobile, a background image does not work well, so instead will will use the header background colour defined in the Admin Tool. That looks much better and will look more similar to the style used in the Desktop version.

We'll let you know when the new version is available.



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