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New Update: Hornbill Service Manager (1845)

Guest Ehsan

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What's Changed

  • When creating a Service, there is now a validation error when "Service Category" attribute is not set.
  • There is now an indicator when a file is successfully attached via Progressive Capture in Self Service.

What's Fixed

  • PM00156997 - Misleading Timeline entry when assigning Request to a user who is excluded from assignment.
  • PM00158284 - Misleading Timeline entry when the "Reason" attribute is hidden in a Human Task.
  • PM00159345 - When a Timeline entry is edited, the change is not reflected when searching via Global Search.
  • PM00159394 - In an Escalation Event, length validation is not enforced within "Escalation Text" field.
  • PM00161106 - No results when a Custom Report based on "Logged On" is created in Service Manager Reports. 
  • PM00161223 - Error in some scenarios when using "Requests > Update Request > Status" Hornbill Automation.
  • PM00161167 - Multiple TO addresses are not returned by "Get Request Information > Source Email Details" Hornbill Automation.
  • PM00161240 - Unable to branch on name and Id based on the selected Site through "Site details" Progressive Capture form.
  • PM00161303 - When a user's timezone is behind GMT e.g. Pacific Time (Canada & US), a Request view including a condition on "current month" does not return any Requests.
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