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Access Management via Hornbill?

Frank Reay

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We are looking at using Asset Management in Hornbill for recording physical assets against users.

However we also want to look at managing account/access rights by user for our various tools (on-prem and off-prem) - this can then feed in to our Starters/Movers/Leavers process. Does anybody use Hornbill for this purpose? It doesn't look like this can be done in Asset Management. We can see there are Custom Fields under the About tab for system users but it appears there are only 8 of these which is rather limited.

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Hi Frank,

You'll have to forgive me, I'm not sure I completely understand the requirement.  Would I be right in saying that you have an asset which is a software tool and there are different access levels to this particular tool like admin, read-only, full access, etc.  You want to store against this user the access right that they have with this tool? 

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Thanks James. Yes you are correct. As a tech company we have a number of tools (build and deployment tools (cloud and on-prem) for our websites, internal DB's etc) and users have varying levels of access. We have a homegrown DB/Excel which records the access rights by tool per user but this is very manual, standalone and far from ideal.

Yesterday I put in a request (via our Premium support) for a 1 hour demo and discussion on what Hornbill can offer (either with HB holding all this info OR acting as an orchestrator (talking to the homegrown DB/Excel) tied into our starter/leaver processes). So that session will probably answer this requirement but a heads up beforehand with your thoughts would still be really useful. We are coming under increasing pressure from our parent company auditors :-( to show we have full control and visibility of what access any individual has at any point in time (particularly when employees leave by their own choice or otherwise!).

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