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Just a general question for everyone.

We currently track all of our analysts logged calls, this is a KPI and forms part of their performance reviews.

To ensure that I can account for all of their logged calls, I also need to account for all customer chases.  We do seem to get a log of customers calling back, asking for updates or wanting their issue fixed quicker.

The best way for this to happen would be for the customers to check their requests on the portal but this practice could take some time to bring into reality.  It would require a complete change in our customers IT working habbits.

So I'd like to ask everyone out there, do you log and track customer chases and if so, how do you report on these?

Many thanks,


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@BobbyB I cant see how this could be done as it would be hard to distinguish a regular update in the timeline from one where the customer is specifically chasing for an update.  Customer escalations/complaints may be easier to track, but a polite 'can I have an update' is a different matter.

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