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Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All

Some of our full Users have noted that if a request is on hold awaiting customer response, it comes off hold even if we get an Out of Office response (as expected). However, I wanted to see if there would be anyway to ignore any emails with Out Of Office responses at all please? I know I could create a rule to move Out of Office messages to the deleted folder, but is there anyway to stop the email updating and just leave the request on hold if the only response we are getting is an OOO response from the Customer?

Many thanks !

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@Adrian Simpkins The short answer is no, there isn't a way to do that.

OoO can be a useful tool, for example if you've put the request On Hold awaiting a response for 24 hours, then an OoO comes in saying they're not back for 2 weeks you would want to adjust the action. If the OoO went directly to the timeline without taking it off hold this information could easily be missed.
If you don't want the message to automatically take the Request off hold you could set a rule to "move" them to the Inbox where a human action will decide if they need to be applied and if so, which action needs to be taken.

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Hi Steve

Thanks for confirming, I thought this may be the case!

Personally I am with you on the approach where we would want to know someone is off / out of office. The team should then use this response to decide on their next steps.

I will go back to the teams with this approach, and recommend they action requests like this going forward.

Many thanks

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