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Merge Assets into a group


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Hi Nikolaj,

You can link assets together using the Asset Action and then you can view these relationships using the Configuration Manager Explorer to visualize their relationships.


I'd be interested to know what you are wanting to achieve by grouping assets.  We are working on providing Views, similar to the Request list where you will be able to use data against the asset to list related assets.  This might also help.

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Hi @James Ainsworth

Thanks for your help. I welcome the idea providing a view like it is with the requests. That would also make sense for some other apps like the project manager i have already mention. Because you can see much more and it is more user friendly also with filter and so on. 

But in this case the reason was we had a change request for assets (switches) and it took us a while to link them all to this change mote then 60 assets and for that it would be nice first to group the assets and then link the hole group to that change.

Hope that make sense to you.

Best Regards


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