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Time and day based email routing rules

Lee Jones

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I've successfully set up Email Routing rules and a Business process which takes incoming emails, creates a ticket, emails the customer and routes via auto-assignment to a member of the Service Desk team.

I would like to introduce an exception to bypass this rule before/after certain times of the day, and at weekends. If an email comes in before 08:30 or after 18:30, or on Sat/Sun, I would like the rule to be bypassed.

Is this possible, and would it be managed in Email Routing Rules or the Business Process?

Many thanks in advance.

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@Lee Jones

It is not possible to disable individual routing rules (even through the UI manually, they are either all on or all off), so you would have to do this through the BPM. Then the question is how to pick the current time in the BPM so you can branch based on the current time/date.

That said, it would be a good enhancement to be able to have a working time calendar assigned to the a routing rule to determine if the rule is enabled, along with the ability to enable and disable routing rules individually.

We auto assign requests which are logged out of hours via the customer portal. Where no analyst are set to available this results in the request being assigned to the team but no owner. We then pick this up in the BPM and then send an email to notify the team, based on the priority of the request. 



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