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Email template custom fields not always populating


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When creating Email Templates with custom_fields, it sometimes populates and sometimes doesn't.


As far as I can tell Its related to how quickly the email client (Outlook), picks up the request.


If the email is sent within a few seconds, then the custom field is not populated, but if there is a delay of a few minutes, then the custom field is populated correctly.


is there a way to perhaps delay the email being sent so that the custom field has tome to populate properly.




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@stevebissex you posted in a section that is not monitored by any Hornbill Staff responsible with the Hornbill application. This section (About the Forum -> Problems and Questions) should be used for queries regarding the forum, not Hornbill platform. Your query should have been raised here instead: https://community.hornbill.com/forum/121-service-manager/

I have moved this thread there but for future reference I would advise trying to find the most appropriate section otherwise the people who can help won't see it...

Regarding the issue itself, this is something we have been made aware, one of our customer raised this issue recently: 


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