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Missing User from Hornbill

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All

I have come across a scenario where we have the same username for 2 separate accounts trying to load to Hornbill which appears to be causing some issue to create 2 separate accounts on Hornbill.

We synchronise against 3 separate AD's every night into the one instance of Hornbill, and it has now transpired that it appears there are 2 accounts which shared the same username but they are located in 2 separate AD's, so I think what may be happening is the 1st AD sync takes place, then the 2nd AD sync may be overwriting. I wanted to just confirm that if there are 2 accounts with the same username am I correct in presuming this is why we are only seeing one account in Hornbill?

I presume the easiest solution would be to ensure the Customers logon names are not the same on the 2 separate AD's to prevent any issues when syncing?

Many thanks!

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Hi Martyn

I think we use the same field pulling from each AD, so I am guessing it sees the first account, updates it, then the second sync starts and it overwrites the account details.

I will get one of the accounts renamed, and hopefully this is a one off, and we do not have any other duplicates

Many thanks as always !

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