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Requests keep defaulting to the Resolve Tab

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All

So a number of our BPMs work in this fashion: Call Raised, Call Assigned, Await Resolution

However, this is causing some issues as the requests are defaulting to the Resolve tab, and analysts are finding that when they sometimes update a request using another Action button like Update, the request sometimes moves back to the Resolved Tab even though they are using the Update tab. Of course this is causing some frustrations, so I wanted to check would a solution be to insert 2 wait nodes at this point? 1st one would be await Update with a timer, so the focus on the request is the update tab for a set period, then the second wait node would be wait for Resolution?

Or is there another way that once a request is picked up by an analyst it doesn't keep defaulting to the Resolve action tab?

Many thanks!

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@Adrian Simpkins all suspend nodes have an action focus parameter. If left as default the focus will be on the action that is suspended. So, for the "Await Resolution" node, if action focus is set as default in the node config then action will automatically focus on Resolution tab/action each time the request is open or something is performed on the request. If you need to workflow to suspend for resolution but don't necessarily want the action to focus on resolution then you can change the node configuration and set the action focus to, perhaps, Update...

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Hi Victor

Thank you for the pointer, I did try this previously...but thank you for highlighting it again. I was unsure if this was the solution or if I should insert another wait node, I will change some of the BPM's to this, and see how it sits with the team

Many thanks

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