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Email Routing


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Trying to simply get syntax for routing - 

fromAddress ="microsoft@powerapps.com" AND subject LIKE '%Annual Audit: Review for 3rd party access' or LIKE 'Annual Audit: Review of the domain administrators%' or LIKE '%Monthly Audit: Check with HR for Leavers Request%'

is above correct? What im trying to achieve is if an email comes into our hornbill inbox with above address with one of those subjects then action something else ive set on the Routing Rules? 

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Figured i would jump on this post as its email routing related. Anyone know why the below is not working. 

I want all emails with the reference to update unless they come from the mailbox address itself. 



Also was there any development on showing the customer rather than the System Auto Responder. Even just the inclusion of the email address would be good. As currently you have to view the email to see who it was from when the System Auto Responder attaches it. 





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4 hours ago, AndyHill said:

Anyone know why the below is not working. 

Hi Andy,

The expression looks OK to me.  What exactly is not working?  Is the result being that all emails including these support one update requests or are none of the emails updating requests.  Also, do you have any rules that proceed this one that might be processing them before it hits this rule?



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Does anyone know where these settings have gone?


I need attachments to go in to the attachments as they do if you manually apply a request to a call. 

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