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Filtering custom views

Adrian Simpkins

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Hi All

Just noticed today that when you create a Custom view for a request list, the Totals for New Open etc you normally see on the left do not seem to appear? Unsure if there is a setting I can't find that controls this perhaps, or do we have to set something in the Custom view template window ? I could not see anything obvious within the create window though.


Many thanks !

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Hi Adrian,

When the totals were originally put in there were some questions about the usefulness of the totals as a View could easily include conditions to restrict the status to one particular status, and therefore making this somewhat lose its purpose.   One may also be mislead in thinking that they have no request in a particular status as it reads 0, where in fact there are some, just that the View is not displaying them.

So, there isn't any setting or way to get this to display the totals at the moment.  I'll ask around to see what others think about changing this.  I'd also be interested to hear from other customers and what they think about the totals.



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Hi James

Thanks for the update - apologies for delay I didn't appear to get a notification again ! Thank you for confirming - I can see now why the column totals are not available in the custom view, but if there is any opportunity to amend this we would definitely be on board !

Many thanks!

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