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Include Archived customers when searching Contacts


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In line with best practice, we are using our customers email address as their login ID

As you cannot use an email address that is stored in the dB, it will be useful if the Contacts search returned details of the current customer AS WELL AS details of the Archived customer record, so that we can see what emails had been stored previously for this customer.

From the results screen, a tag confirming which is the Archived customer record, will be very useful.

Currently, you have do perform 2 separate search and open them under separate Tabs, to verify this information.

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Hello @Daniel Dekel this relates to the Contacts search from #1, with the results displayed at #2.  If you then click the Archived button at #3. you get a diffrent set of results.

Our RFC was if the Archived contacts were also displayed on the original search but the accounts clearly marked as Archived so we could see at a glance, their current + past accounts plus which emails had been utilised .


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+1,  What happens is that a contact is created, and the person creating it forgets to check if an archived version of this contact already exists.

We then create a new contact and when trying to give portal access an error is thrown that the login ID already exists. (We also use emails as login ID.)

Since there is no provision to delete a contact there should be an easy way to prevent duplicate contacts

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