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Workflow not raising from routing rule

Gareth Watkins

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I have built a process to log an incident based on an email received from a monitoring system using routing rules and templates, but it isn’t working.

I had successfully tested the process a few weeks back when using my own email address and forwarding messages onto hornbill. The workflow kicked in and call journey progressed.

After trying to raise calls using the correct email address, and changing the routing rules etc, the calls raise, but are not in the correct workflow. I cannot identify the workflow they raise under, but it isn't the one I have set in the routing rules/templates. Even changing the email address back to my own and sending test alerts now doesn’t work.

I’m totally stumped, and sure it will turn out to be something simple, but desperately need to get these calls working by Monday next week in order to support our out of hours monitoring solutions.

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Hello Gareth,

we are experiencing the same problem. It follows the routing rule, but bypasses the routing rule template aside from the designated team. For us this is raising an incident call with no workflow as default rather than the service request call that the routing rule template points to in the service portfolio. 


I am unsure as to why this has occurred, as this has been working as intended up until a day or two ago. 

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