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asset relationship import

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Hi @AndyGilly @Stephen.whittle @Adrian Simpkins,

I suppose it depends how you wanted to go about this really, either:

  1. Pulling relationships to delete from a data source (so query an external table containing all the relationships that should be removed - definitely the safest, but most restrictive method);
  2. Fully automating relationship management (deleting relationship records that don't appear in your data source).

Technically point 2 would be doable, the tool could just cache all the Hornbill asset relationship records, and all the relationshop data source records, then delete the Hornbill records that don't have a match in the source data (on assets and dependency type). I do have some concerns over providing this though, as it could be quite destructive if ran against a Hornbill instance that has assets and relationships imported from multiple sources, or created manually. I could provide some additional filtering on assets (for parent/child asset type/class, or other fields that may be populated with an identifier), but there would still be a risk of active relationship records being removed...

Did you have some thoughts on how you would want to go about identifying records for deletion?



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Morning @Steve G

thanks for coming back

In our scenario the relationship is being mastered in a dataset outside of hornbill. Therefore, we just need the ability to pass a request to asset management to remove as per the suggestion in option 1

Do you think this is something you could help with??



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